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Personal Data Treatment
Data controller of the collected data is Padoan Swiss SA, with registered office at Via Pra Proed n.1 - 6534 San Vittore Canton dei Grigioni (Switzerland). Data processor is Mrs Stefania Padoan - Ph. +41 (0)91 2228877, Fax +41 (0)91 2228879. Padoan Swiss SA will carry out the collected data with paper or computerized procedures.
The executed treatments respond to the needs connected to the optimization of the use of the website, to statutory, institutional, contractual and legal needs as well as to needs related to an efficacious management of business relations. Privacy and confidentiality are values which Padoan srl recognizes and respects. Accordingly Padoan Swiss SA will ensure the security and integrity of your personal details, in fully respect to the law.
The Italian Law - Decree 30.06.2003 n. 196 - provides that the treatment of the collected personal data (i.e. data related to individuals and companies) has to be performed in a correct, transparent and lawful manner.
Data subjects (i.e. individuals or companies which data are collected and carried out by Padoan Swiss SA) may, at any time, verify the treated data and exercise all the rights set forth in art. 7 of Law by Decree 30.06.2003 n. 196, reachable from the area “Contacts” on the website.

Anyone using this web site accepts the rules, terms and conditions specified herein (hereinafter called “Rules”) and on the other pages of the site. Should these conditions be unacceptable, you are kindly asked to abandon the web site. Anyone who accesses the other pages on the web site tacitly accepts these Rules.
Padoan Swiss SA shall be free to change the Rules at any time and in any way without any obligation to give anyone prior notice.

Website Management
Padoan Swiss SA gathers all the information related to the access and surfing of the website in order to allow the correct performance of the services and of the sections that require login. Padoan Swiss SA uses the collected information to deliver services via web, for the technical administration of the website and for statistical analysis of the use of the website itself.
Padoan Swiss SA will use the global statistical data of the website such as surfing traffic and other information related to the website without circulating or communicating to third parties information associated to the single user.
It is excluded any type of circulation or communication of personal data to third parties (except appointed staff, within the above stated purposes).
For specific handling or specific typologies of data, the website contains suitable information and, where necessary, expressed requests of consent.

Website Surfing
The use of session cookies is useful for the optimization of the web site use and is directly aimed at assuring the best browsing. Padoan Swiss SA monitors, through the registration of the appropriate log files, the access to the website only for statistical purposes.
If you prefer not to receive cookies, you can set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies and refusing them whenever your browser alerts you to their presence. You can also refuse all cookies by turning them off in your browser.
Other sites to which this site could eventually link to, could have tracking systems which the proprietor of this web site is not aware of. It is not guaranteed that such external websites have security systems to safeguard the treated data and prevent damages ( e.g. viruses).

Security Measures of the Website
Specific security measures have been adopted for the management of this website, aimed to guarantee a safe access and protect the information held in the website from accidental risks of loss and destruction. The software antivirus utilized in the management of the website is updated periodically.
To access the reserved areas of the website, identification codes and passwords will be assigned to the interested companies; in order to avoid possible abuse, the passwords won’t contain any references that could lead to the user. The user should keep the password strictly confidential.

E-mail, Newsletters
If you wish send an e-mail to our web site, or if the site prompts you to join a mailing list to receive a newsletter automatically on your computer, we emphasize that, in the event of any of these options involving our recording of your personal data, said recording of your personal data will always be done in compliance with the policy law. As a consequence, no recording will be made without your explicit approval.

Legal Cognisance
As mentioned in the Notes, access to the web site requires that you accept all the rules specified therein.
Therefore any user who accesses the web site tacitly accepts that any controversies deriving from access to the site or relating to the Information or Objects contained on the web site shall come under Italian law.
Moreover, the user agrees that the Law Courts of ........... shall have exclusive cognizance for any such above-mentioned problems.

Scope of the site
The scope of the Site is exclusively to illustrate, advertise and provide information about Padoan Swiss SA products and services (hereinafter called the “Information”). Unless otherwise specified, none of the Information provided on the site may be considered a promise to the public or binding in any negotiations or business dealings. All information provided on the site must be considered for guidance only and shall not bind Padoan Swiss SA, the web administrator or any third party mentioned on or linked to the site in any way.

Use of trademarks, images, photographs, drawings, sounds, animation, software
Unless otherwise specified, all trademarks, logos, images, drawings, sounds, music, animation, software, and any other site content (hereinafter called the “Objects”) are covered by the corresponding rights of ownership (e.g. trademark rights, patent rights, copyright, etc. ). Said rights are all legitimately owned Padoan srl or under license to Padoan Swiss SA by the legitimate owners.
It is consequently forbidden to make any use (total or partial copies, hardcopies) of the Objects unless it is for strictly personal use. The term strictly personal use is used to mean the storage in one’s own PC, or the printing of an Object with a view to documenting it for personal purposes.
As a consequence, any distribution or transmission of Objects to third parties (even in the sense of making them available on other sites), their modification or reproduction, their reuse by including them in other documents or files, or their re-processing in any way cannot be considered as a strictly personal use and is therefore illegal.
Padoan Swiss SA shall not be held liable in any way, nor may it be called upon to answer for any violation of the rights that owners of the Objects licensed to Padoan Swiss SA may claim in relation to users of the Site who have violated said rights in any way. The liability for any such violations shall always remain with the user of the site committing them.

Connection-related damages
Padoan Swiss SA shall not be held liable for any damage deriving from access to its site or the usage or downloading of any Object contained therein, be the damage due to faults, errors or any other reason, or a consequence of the user’s inability to make proper use of the material on the site.

Padoan Swiss SA shall not be held liable for the content of any sites connected to the Padoan Swiss SA site by means of links.

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